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The people at the heart of our ministry

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Staff Role & Campus: Executive Director

Hometown: Memphis, TN (Paul) & Westminister, MD (Steph)

I (Paul) attended Elon University in North Carolina for college, where my life was significantly impacted through the ministry of Campus Outreach. It was through life-on-life discipleship and the experience of ministering to my fraternity brothers in college that the Lord deepened my burden for building laborers on the campus. After graduating, I had the chance to join the CODC team as we launched the ministry at Georgetown University in Washington, DC. A year later I married Steph, who had been serving on staff with Campus Outreach in Charlotte. We have two little girls, Emma and Ainsley, who bring so much joy to our family and our team. We currently live in the Capitol Hill neighborhood, and are privileged to lead the Campus Outreach DC staff team out of Capitol Hill Baptist Church (CHBC). In addition to leading our team, I am also pursuing a Masters of Divinity at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary, and serve as an elder at our church, CHBC.



Staff Role & Campus: Campus Director at Howard University

Hometown: Chantilly, VA

Testimony: The son of a marine and government worker lent itself to a very transient youth.  After finally landing in Northern Virginia my middle school and high school days were similar to most in that my objective was to fit in.  Lo and behold, fitting in meant living and leading a life of sin.  Despite my outright rebellion toward God, I lived under the illusion I was a Christian for many years.  It wasn't until I got to Coastal Carolina that I first met a CO Staff guy who lived out his life for the Lord and shared the Gospel with me. The Lord used his perseverance and patience with me over time to call me to Himself.  December 30th of 2006 I repented and believed the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Since then life has been a joy to labor for Christ wherever He has called me.  

Interesting fact: Played college football.


Staff Role & Campus: Campus Staff at Howard University

Hometown: Philadelphia, PA

Testimony: Throughout my upbringing, I had been firmly rooted in the church. My parents were very active in ministry even before I was born. My father was a minister, and my mother was a part of a plethora of ministries in the church. During this part of my life, I only attended church because I had to, not because I wanted to.  I said I believed in the gospel, but my actions said otherwise. I had no true desire to serve Christ as Lord and Savior until the age of seventeen.  “Where does your Identity Rest?”, was the message of a sermon that God used to bring me to Himself. From then on, I began to truly walk with the Lord, until I approached my freshman year at Howard University. I came up with a foolish ideology, that may be typical among college students who have grown up in the church. I told my self “Do everything that this college life has to offer to the fullest, until your senior year, then come back to serving Him.” Oh how foolish was it think that I could put God on hold for the sins of the world!  But I did just that. During the second semester of my sophomore year, the Lord began drawing me back to Himself. I was at the pit of my sin, and by grace, Christ decided to come down into the pit, after I had abandoned Him for the vanities of the world. The weight of my sin was becoming more and more real to me. I was deliberately sinning against a holy, and imperishable God, for a perishable world. As a result, I repented of my sins, and placed my full trust in Christ.  

Interesting fact: I enjoy street art, and listening to hip-hop instrumentals.


Staff Role & Campus: Campus Staff at Howard University

Hometown: Kingstree, SC

Testimony: I was raised in a Christian home to a wonderful family that truly displayed God’s love for my sister and I. However, as a child I struggled with where I found my identity and satisfaction. I found myself becoming stuck and saddened with many aspects of my life. My family talked about God's goodness and Jesus Christ on multiple occasions, but their words never penetrated my heart. I struggled to understand why God allowed me to face such difficult situations and circumstances at a young age. Then, by the grace of God, my family and I visited a friend's church where I watched a play displaying a teenager's life before she heard the Gospel and afterward. She tried to find her satisfaction in beauty, family, friends, and academics. At each and every situation she was left disappointed and heartbroken. It wasn’t until she heard the Good News of the Gospel that her life began to change. Jesus came down to live a perfect life and he paid the ultimate sacrifice for our sins and rose on the third day. He granted us salvation so that we may be with him in Heaven rejoicing. Roman 6:23 states "For the wages of sin is death. But the free gift of God is eternal life." Hearing these words truly transformed my heart and I wanted to receive this amazing gift. That night, I gave my life to the Lord and when I turned 14 years old I was baptized. I thank the Lord for unveiling my eyes to the Gospel and creating me from dust and recreating me into a beautiful creation. It is truly a blessing and an honor to be a part of his kingdom.

Fun Fact: I was a voice minor in college and sang music pieces that ranged from Opera to African American Spirituals.


Staff Role & Campus: Resource Director

Hometown: Lansdale, PA

Testimony: Although I was raised in church and thought myself a Christian, I followed a works-based religion where my relationship with God was based on my goodness. It wasn't until I prepared for college that God convicted me that I wasn't the standard of good and that He was. He revealed my sin to me, and caused me to question what it really meant to believe that "Jesus died for my sins," a phrase I mentally acknowledged but, if I was honest, had no true understanding of. When I arrived at the George Washington University in the fall of 2010, I met a CO staff woman, Amy, and she invited me to lunch and Bible studies. Through a study in the gospel of Mark, Jesus confirmed that indeed, I was a sinner with no natural goodness inside of me, and any outward sin was just a consequence of a bad heart inside (Mark 7:15). However, Jesus' words that he came not for the righteous but sinners (Mark 2:17) were only then understood fully with my mind and my heart, because I finally saw that I needed a Savior and was hopeless without one, but Jesus gave himself as a perfect sacrifice for me so that I could know God. Sometime that fall, I believe I truly repented and placed my faith in Jesus, and have spent the last 8 years since growing in my love for God.

Interesting fact: I am married to my dearest friend and biggest supporter, David :)


Staff Role & Campus: Campus Director & Campus Staff at American University

Hometown: Richmond, VA (Owen) & Duluth, GA (Sara)

Testimony: I (Owen) became a Christian in my senior year of high school through the ministry of Young Life. I came to George Washington Univ. a month later with a desire to know and follow God but with no idea how to do it. By God’s grace I randomly stumbled upon Campus Outreach’s first ever meeting at GW and I began regularly attending their weekly meetings and Bible studies. I met up with the Campus Director almost every day and he taught me how to read the bible, pray, evangelize, and live as a Christian in college. I am now blessed to have the opportunity to be the Campus Director at AU and to labor to make disciples!

When I (Sara) went off to college at George Washington University, I considered myself a Christian but knew very little about who Jesus was. I was looking forward to competing Division 1 gymnastics and becoming best friends with my teammates, but when my own plans fell through I quickly became disappointed and frustrated. In the beginning of my sophomore year of college I met a CO Staff girl, Lauren Wolfe, who began faithfully reading the Bible with me and explaining the purpose of the cross. I attended the National New Years Conference in 2011 where I heard great Gospel teaching, and God allowed me to see my deep sin against him and how Jesus had paid it all. The Lord brought me to himself during the conference, and I started to understand how my purpose and greatest joy would be to live for God’s glory.

Interesting facts: Owen played baseball at GW, and Sara's bone density is in the 100th percentile


Staff Role & Campus: Campus Staff at American University

Hometown: Roseland, NJ

Testimony: By God's grace I had the privilege of being raised in a Christian household, where I frequently heard and was surrounded by the gospel message. During high school however, it was evident that I had accepted Jesus Christ as my savior but not as Lord of my life. I lived to glorify myself through academics, athletics, and an active social life. I professed Christianity to friends and family and truly believed I was saved, yet had little relationship with my God. Once I arrived at American University, I continued to live for the pleasures of college and found my identity in Division I lacrosse. During my sophomore year the Lord chased me down and isolated me through a series of events. I cried out to him in my dorm room, seeking answers and a purpose. By His grace and mercy he revealed himself to me and saved me. It has been an extraordinary privilege to behold Christ and grow in relationship with Him. Now, I look forward to sharing this passion and love through discipling women on the college campus!

Interesting fact: I was captain of American University women's lacrosse team.


Staff Role & Campus: Campus Director & Campus Staff at George Washington University

Hometown: Cheshire, CT (Alex) & West Chester, PA (Stevie)

Testimony: Alex was raised in a Christian household, but never fully understood the gospel until the summer of my freshman year in college. He enjoyed what Jesus gave me, but never understood that he needed him.  At a Campus Outreach’s Summer Beach Project he was convicted of how he was dead in hios trespasses and needed to be raised to new life. In a moment of hopelessness, Alex saw Jesus as truly a Lord and Saviour and trusted in Him alone to give him life. One year prior, as a sophomore in high school, Stevie was wrestling with the same questions, having been raised Catholic and living a good moral life, she wondered why Jesus came to earth and what the gospel meant for her. Through her friends in a ministry called Young Life, she came to understand and believe she needed God's grace and it is only through Jesus that she can obtain salvation. Arriving for college at the George Washington University 2 years later, she met friends from Campus Outreach and Capitol Hill Baptist Church who had a life-altering impact on her, showing Stevie what it meant to live a life honoring to God. Alex and Stevie were married February 2018 after meeting through Campus Outreach friends, and especially love living right off campus where they serve at GWU.

Interesting fact: Alex did a whole year of ministry with a torn ACL, and Stevie is one of 6 children.


Staff Role & Campus: Hybrid Staff - George Washington University Staff and Financial Support Manager

Hometown: Piscataway, NJ

Testimony: I knew from a young age that there was a God who knew and cared for me personally. At age 6, I was fully convinced that the God I was learning about in sunday school was a provisional God because I found a second chap stick in my pocket after reluctantly sharing my favorite one with my sister. My middle school and high school years were characterized by my continuous efforts to fit the mold of a perfect daughter, student, and friend. During this time, I viewed the Lord’s love as ephemeral – as if he punished rather than forgave. My identity was in my school work and in trying to get into God’s favor through my good works. It wasn’t until my senior year of high school that my youth group leader clearly explained that Christ’s sacrifice had already bridged the gap between God and me, and I did not have to work to earn his favor. I came to college eager to join a Christian group on campus, and when I met people from campus outreach, I realized that Christianity penetrated every aspect of their lives – I could feel their infectious love for Christ even through surface level conversations. It wasn’t until I was placed into a bible study and began being discipled that the Lord kindly gave me new eyes to read his word and began to fill my growing heart with love for Him. My place as a sinner in front of a holy and just God became clearer to me, as he began to reveal things in my life that I didn’t know were sin. I began to see my desperate need for justification, and in that was exploding joy and praise for my heavenly Father who had given me the sweet, sweet, gift of Jesus.

Interesting fact: A good bowl of fruit can make my day - especially with strawberries!


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Staff Role & Campus: Campus Staff at George Washington University

Hometown: Southfield, Massachusetts

Testimony: I grew up in a secular environment, moving frequently and never considering religion a part of my life. I have no recollection of attending church with my family, even on major holidays. My relationships were characterized by a lack of vulnerability, and a front that my life was something different than it actually was. My pride clouded me from sharing intimate details of my life, or from honestly and accurately depicting my circumstances and emotions. As I entered into adulthood, I slowly began to acquire the things that the world was searching for: relationships, money, success, and praise. From an outside perspective, my life looked perfect - but in the Lord's kindness, all of these things left me unfulfilled. Sin had promised me a peace and satisfaction that it could not deliver, and God was mercifully giving me a distaste for what the world had to offer. In October of 2017, a friend moved to the city and brought me to Capitol Hill Baptist Church for the first time. It was there that I experienced the true honesty and sacrificial love characterized by those who know and love God (John 13:35). My heart was stricken; through continuing to attend their services and reading Genesis on my own, I went from acknowledging the existence of God, to realizing His holiness and my state before him. God graciously softened my heart to understand my need for justification, and opened my eyes to the glory of Christ, who came down to take the wrath for sin that I rightly deserved. In November of 2017, the Lord drastically changed my desires and values, and my life began to conform to my new treasure. By His aid, my life transformed to a pursuit Jesus, in my relationships, in my job, even in my living situation. God did not leave me during this time, but was faithful to provide fullness of joy in Christ, a community in Campus Outreach, and a heart that longs to see His Kingdom revealed.

Fun fact: Both of my sisters have twins!


Staff Role & Campus: Campus Staff at George Washington University

Hometown: Piscataway, NJ

Testimony: Though the Lord caught my affections for him at a young age, I grew up thinking that being a Christian meant simply having a relationship with God that I would rely on when in need. I strived to be this “good person” who was deserving of God’s love, but in reality, I was selfishly living for myself and worldly pleasures. After high school, my sister clearly shared the Gospel with me and I understood for the first time. The Lord opened my eyes to show me that I was a sinner before a holy God, who was in desperate need of a savior. It became clear to me that I actually wasn’t, nor could ever be deserving of Christ becoming sin himself and dying on the cross in my place. Since repenting and solely relying on God’s grace that summer, I’ve dedicated my life to knowing and glorifying Jesus in everything I do.

Fun Fact: I am a certified Zumba Instructor.


Staff Role & Campus: Women's Coordinator at Georgetown University

Hometown: Houston, TX

Testimony: Two tendencies colored my childhood through high school years: indefatigable good-girl perfectionism on the one hand and an undercurrent of anxiety about my standing before God on the other. I labored to maintain the appearance of having it all together by excelling in academics, visual arts, and athletics—all for my own glory. My Sunday churchgoing and Bible study attendance became other platforms on which I could earn the praise of man. In my sin I was more content to be seen as godly than to actually know the Lord. All the while, I had a number of secret sins festering in my heart—pride, selfishness, and other lusts. I moved to DC to attend Georgetown University, and in God’s kindness my first friends were Christians who were part of Campus Outreach and Capitol Hill Baptist Church. It became evident early on that while we all called ourselves Christians, they actually loved God and His Word in a way that was foreign to me. God used these friends, CO Staff, and CHBC to draw me to actually reckon with the claims of Christ. As I read the Bible, God showed me the gravity of my sin before Him; moreover, God brought me to rejoice in the fact that Jesus had died the death I deserved and had been resurrected so that I could know Him intimately. Because of Jesus’ righteousness—and not my performance—God saved me, forgives me, and delights in me. Over these past few years, God has instilled in me a compelling love for His Word and a desire to teach others about the soul-satisfying beauty and glory of Jesus displayed therein.

Fun Fact: A handful of my close friends call me by some permutation of the nickname "Crispy Tina," such as Crispy, Crisp, Crispy Tuna, or Tuna. 


Staff Role & Campus: Contingent Staff

Hometown: Newbury Park, CA

Testimony: Both of my parents are Christians, but I grew up with two misguided ideas about faith. First, I saw my friends in High School party and drink and I thought I was Christian because I didn’t do any of those things. Second, I was obsessed with Christian philosophy. I thought that if I defended God on an intellectual level, I was Christian. When I got to Georgetown, I got involved with Campus Outreach and was particularly impacted by the older guys in the ministry. Even though these guys lived moral lives and had strong convictions about God, they had a joy I never had. During my freshman spring semester, I studied 1 John with these guys and realized that their joy was rooted in Christ. I found that being a Christian is all about loving and following Christ, who endured the wrath of God meant for sinners like me. After placing my faith in Christ, I came to understand that the love of Christ compels me to live for Him in all that I do. Living all out for Christ in college has developed within me a burden for the lost and a passion for discipleship on the college campus, which led me to work for CO.

Fun Fact: Although I traveled across the country from California to go to school in DC, I have never left the country.

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Staff Role & Campus: Contingent Staff

Hometown: Fairfax, VA

Testimony: Through a faithful Sunday School teacher and Vacation Bible School, I heard and believed the gospel at a young age. While God grew my love for Him and conviction to share the gospel prior to college, I continually wrestled with shame and legalism. Intellectually, I knew that Jesus was, and is, my only hope for a righteous standing before God, but I often operated as if God judged me based on my works. Rather than trusting in the firm foundation of His Word, I let my own feelings on what God thought of me dictate my faith. God kindly used my years at Georgetown University to astound me with His Word, teach me to store up His Word in my heart, and grip me with a passion to raise up laborers on the college campus who understand and love His Word. I am so excited to know Christ more deeply and, by the grace He works within me, work heartily to help others do the same.

Fun Fact: In middle school, I read the entire Harry Potter series in a week.