What we do & why we exist

Who We Are


Campus Outreach Washington, DC (CODC) began ministry on campus in the fall of 2010. With God’s help, a team of six staff set out to establish an evangelistic, multiplying discipleship ministry in our nation's capital. The George Washington University was the first campus that CODC started with plans to begin other ministries in the future on select college campuses in the DC Metro area.  In the fall of 2011, another staff team started a ministry at Georgetown University. The ministry was founded under the supervision of Capitol Hill Baptist Church with the simple vision of “Glorifying God by Building Laborers on the Campus for the Lost World”.
CODC views the college campuses in our nation’s capital as a great mission field in need of the gospel of Jesus Christ.  Through evangelism and discipleship, we passionately reach students with the gospel and help establish them in their walk to become mature followers of Christ.  The ministry possesses a deep commitment to the Great Commandment and the Great Commission.  Our desire is to graduate students who will leave college with a passion for Christ and with training to be a laborer in the harvest fields for the glory of God!  We hope to reach students in our nation’s capital who will be laborers for the nations!


What We Do

Glorifying God by building laborers on the campus for the lost world



The ultimate purpose of all creation is to bring attention to God and to glorify Him. Campus Outreach exists so that He may receive continual praise, honor and glory from us as we find our joy in Him.


Building laborers takes many resources, but the returns on this investment are immeasurable. Our prayer is that students will graduate who are not only equipped to build their careers, but also the church.


The college campus is a strategic mission field. College students are at the crossroads of life making lifetime decisions and moving out to influence the world. This is an ideal time to challenge them to live according to God's word.


The purpose of Campus Outreach Washington, DC, is to reach the world for Christ by mobilizing laborers to proclaim the Gospel throughout the world. Our vision is that trained graduates would provide leadership in every sphere of influence (the church, medicine, community, business, education, missions, etc.) at home and around the world.

What Makes Us Different


Commitment to Evangelism

Campus Outreach has a strong commitment to sharing the Gospel with unbelieving students on each campus. We believe that this is commanded and modeled all throughout scripture. We look at texts like Romans 10:13-15 and 2 Timothy 4:2 as scriptural basis for sharing our faith with unbelieving students on the campus.

Commitment to Discipleship

We seek to train students in the context of relationships. Rather than relying on a program or Bible-study curriculum, we emphasize the importance of life-on-life relationships - one individual sharing their life with another. We are not necessarily only a fellowship group, though fellowship is an important part of our values. We focus primarily on discipling new and young believers and training them to do the same with their fellow college students. We have a high value for ministry training.

Relationship with the Church

Campus Outreach also believes in a strong relationship with the church. Unlike most campus ministries, Campus Outreach is not a para-church organization. Though we are not connected to one particular denomination, each regional ministry is under the authority and leadership of a local church body, which provides a crucial source of accountability, leadership and resources.

Growth Strategy

Campus Outreach has found that the most effective way to grow big is by staying small. Campus Outreach is actually made up of 26 independent "franchises" throughout the world. Rather than form a centralized ministry, Campus Outreach has intentionally decentralized under the authority of local churches.  As Campus Outreach expands to new territory, a local church sponsors the efforts. The new host church assumes all authority and oversight for that franchise. So in essence Campus Outreach is a collection of the 26 college ministries of individual churches which share a common vision and strategy but with no central headquarters or central authority.

Strategic Campuses

We focus on campuses that have a need for campus ministry resources.  Some universities may have a significant number of evangelical organizations on campus, while other schools may have not been focused on by these ministries. The schools we choose tend to have significantly fewer religious organizations, so focusing on these campuses has proven to be an effective way to reach students with the Gospel.


How We Do It



We start by sharing the Gospel with college students in hopes that they will turn and trust in Christ as their personal Lord and Savior.


We then help the students become established in their walks with God through encouraging church membership and helping them build a strong foundation of prayer, Bible study, fellowship, and evangelism.


We then help equip students to teach and disciple other students in the way that was modeled for them.


Finally, we want to export students into the harvest field to use their abilities and gifts in the way that we believe that God wants them to. We want them to take their experiences and the things they learned in college wherever God calls them.

Our Church


Capitol Hill Baptist Church

Each Campus Outreach region is under the authority and supervision of a regional church.  Campus Outreach is not a para-church organization, but rather a ministry of the church sent to the college campus. Campus Outreach partners with churches that are healthy, Bible believing, evangelical, and Gospel preaching.  These regional churches provide a crucial source of accountability and leadership for the region’s effective existence. Campus Outreach Washington DC resides under the authority and leadership of Capitol Hill Baptist Church (CHBC) in Washington DC yet it maintains an interdenominational profile on the campus.  

CHBC is committed to reaching college students locally and also joining hands with the broader evangelical community to reach college students in this geographic region. This unique relationship with the church gives CODC the freedom to minister to all students directly and to wholeheartedly support the work with other churches that are committed to the essentials of the Christian faith. 


Other Partner Churches

In addition to our host church Capitol Hill Baptist, CODC partners with several other campus churches where we encourage students to attend. These churches partner with CODC by providing support and a welcoming community oftentimes geographically and culturally closer to students. 


Restoration Church

Restoration Church is located down the street from American University and partners most closely with staff and students in North West DC.

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Anacostia River Church

Located across the Anacostia river in South East DC, ARC was planted in 2014 and welcomes students from all over the city.

2017/18 Campus Outreach DC Annual Report